kataggello.org, a website hosting the study titled: “Can We Talk About the Lord's Supper?”
Proclaiming Christ, and Him Crucified.


You can either just left click on the link or you can right click on the link and choose "save target as" in the dialog box.

The files are in a compressed format called "zip". Every operating system has some program that can extract zip files. Once saved to your computer just click on them and your computer should automatically offer to extract them to whatever folder you want to use.

Download this website. This is a zip file of all the files that make up this study called “Can We Talk About the Lord᾿s Supper?”. This version will be displayed like a web page in your computer's browser. To begin viewing it click on the "index.html" file in the folder. It will open in your browser just like this website

PDF version of this study for easy printing. To be posted soon.

A sample tractTo be posted soon.

A sample business card you may use. It is in Open Office format. You will probably need to reformat the font if you use it. I use a serif font. Somehow the formatting seems to get lost when it is opened on other systems. Not everybody has the same fonts available.

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