kataggello.org, a website hosting the study titled: “Can We Talk About the Lord’s Supper?”
Proclaiming Christ, and Him Crucified.

Some tools used for this website

e-Sword Home e-Sword is a tremendous tool for working with Scriptures. e-Sword is a windows application, it can be run in wine on Linux.

Xiphos Bible study tool has Linux, Mac, and windows versions.

Notepad++ is a fast, powerful, text editor. It's basically a small IDE by itself. It is a windows based editor but it can be run in wine on Linux.

FocusWriter is a elegant editor. There are versions for windows, mac, and Linux. People who use it love it.

Geany is a text editor that provides a small and fast IDE. It is native to Linux but can be run on windows also.

ubuntu Linux operating system.

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