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Can We Talk About The Lord’s Supper?

I ask us to reexamine our traditions concerning the Lord’s Supper.

Read Me, Dedication, License for use, & Donation Policy

Here are some instructions about navigating these web pages, and things to know about this project in general.

1. Each individual study is on its own web page. At the very top, and at the bottom of these pages are various links.

a. There are “next” and “previous” links to the pages in forward or backwards sequence.

b. There are also links to the kataggello.org Home Page page and to the Descriptive Table of Contents. You can navigate to the various studies from the Descriptive Table of Contents.

2. In each study, Scripture references that are not quoted on the page have links to a popup that quotes the Scripture. Click on the link with the left mouse button and hold it down to read the verse. Just let go of the button when done, the verse will close.

3. The studies are in a loose order that may be profitable to follow. But this isn’t strictly necessary. One can read them in any order.


These studies are dedicated to God. It is the author’s prayer that they give the preeminence to the Lord Jesus Christ, and prove beneficial to His Church.

License For Use

Copyright (C) 2012 FH.

All rights retained. Nothing in the following permissions and restrictions is intended to prejudice the author’s copyrights.

Permission is granted to freely use, copy, distribute and/or publish in any medium, these studies.

Permission is granted to commercially publish and distribute these studies for sale.

The following restrictions apply:

You may not make any claim in any way that would inhibit or prohibit the free use and distribution of these studies, or impose restrictions on others rights to use and distribute them.

You may not alter the contents of these studies if they are distributed under any of these names:“Can We Talk About the Lord’s Supper?”, or “kataggello.org”, or contain the signature “FH 2012”.

What this means is that these studies are given to all freely. But if you change them, call them something else.

Sales and Donations

We do not solicit donations. Nor do we have any means of accepting them. Thank you.

There is nothing for sale. It is all being freely given away, as in a free cup of coffee.

If anyone desires to make any donation, give it to your own church, or if you don’t have a church, find one in your local area to give it to.

A good way to contribute to this work is to copy and distribute it yourself. Encourage others to study it.

Eventually a sample business card, a sample tract, and compressed zip files with the contents of these studies in PDF and HTML formats will be available in the downloads section on the home page. You may make free use of all of these.

Galatians 6:7-10.

©FH 2012

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