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kataggello.org is a host for the set of studies about worship and the Lord’s Supper titled, “Can We Talk About the Lord’s Supper?” (click the link to get started with it).

The value and place we give to the Lord’s Supper in our worship depends upon how we think about it. These studies examine various aspects of the Lord᾿s Supper that will show its value. If we know its value, we will also know its place. On the other hand, if we know its place, we will also know its value. The author contends that value and place are inseparable.

Aspects examined in this study are aspects such as obedience, remembrance & memorial, proclamation, confession & profession, communion, adoration, thanksgiving, self-examination, sacrifice, anticipation, and silence.

These aspects are more than collateral effects which this celebration brings to the Church. They are part of a whole, which becomes a celebration that shapes the very character or our worship because they insure that the Lord is being given the preeminence in our worship. These aspects of it inhere in the Lord’s Supper beyond, and independently of theology and denomination. An understanding of these aspects will establish its value.

Along with the various aspects inherent in the Lord᾿s Supper, some other topics are presented to provide a background of common understanding. These are quick studies on the nature of worship (because it may not be entirely what we commonly think it to be), the character of God, God's eternal plan, and a few other things.

Some of the things not discussed are things like denominational specifics, or theological issues concerning the salvific value of the Lord’s Supper. Neither is the issue of Christ’s presence, or absence, in the elements of bread and wine a part of this study. The so-called major issues too readily overshadow the very real benefits the Church may enjoy when the Lord᾿s Supper is given its proper value and place in our worship. And, speaking of value and place, neither liturgy nor worship format are being offered here, those things are an entirely other discussion.

There is also critical discussion about the blunt fact that the Lord’s Supper is very often neglected in today’s thinking and planning for worship among Protestants. Surprisingly, though perhaps not to a Catholic priest but for Protestants, many Catholics neglect the Lord’s Supper as well.

A thread that is woven into this study is the idea that the Lord’s Supper is God’s work, a part of His eternal planning for the Church to give the preeminence to the Lord Jesus Christ in all things by holding before us the transformative vision so well described by the writer of Hebrews,

“But we see Jesus, who was made a little lower than the angels for the suffering of death, crowned with glory and honour; that he by the grace of God should taste death for every man.” (Hebrews 2:9)

The question is often asked, “What will we prefer to it?” Reexamination of its value and place may well condition your answer to be, “Nothing!”

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